Monday, February 14, 2005

Extreme Liberals: Motivated by Hate

Howard Dean, speaking at the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee recently, remarked that he "hate[s] Republicans and everything they stand for." Over the weekend, the media by and large theorized that while Howard Dean is a bit extreme and perhaps a poor candidate, he is well suited to run the behind-the-scenes machinery of the Democratic Party. Really? The Chairman of the Democratic National Committee may do most of his work behind the scenes, but he is also one of the public faces of the party. And, he is where the party faithful look for leadership. Howard Dean has said it himself: he is motivated by hate. That the DNC could elect such a man to its top party post says a lot about the motivation of the party as a whole. It tells us that the party's core is not motivated by any vision for a better America, or a set of core American values (Kerry could not demonstrate any such vision during the last election), but rather is motivated by anger and hatred of the party in power. To the liberal Democrat core, they 'fight' for their own liberal ideology because they hate the fact that Republicans seized control of Congress in 1994 and the White House in 2000. They hate Republicans, and hate being out of power. And they are so blinded by their hatred and liberal ideology that they place regaining power and destroying the policies and preferences of the Republican majority above even sustaining American democracy -- and hence they feel no qualms about utilizing liberal judges to enact law from the bench where their ideas lose in the court of public opinion.

And Happy Valentine's Day!

The election of Howard Dean will force the party further to the left, and force many moderates to leave. I have seen it already -- several of my Democrat friends are now saying they will likely be voting Republican in the midterm elections. They do not like the anti-American feeling of the left-leaning Democrat core. They do not like Ted Kennedy berating our troops in the field. They do not appreciate the naysaying of the left-wing media when it comes to building democracy in the middle east. And they do not want to be a part of a party motivated by hatred first and the desire to regain power second.

This weekend I encountered the hatred of the far-left Democratic party face to face. On one occasion, as a friend and I were purchasing a few bottles of wine at a downtown Minneapolis liquor store, the cashier noticed my friend's Texas driver's license. He disparagingly remarked, "Oh -- Texas. Must be nice to not be down there anymore." I asked why he would say such a thing, and he replied, "you know -- Bush is from there. And there are so many of those weird people who are always calling themselves 'American' down there." By this he meant that he would never refer to himself as an American even though he certainly is an American -- he considers himself a 'global citizen,' and finds love of country and patriotism distasteful and embarassing. I replied simply that I was proud to have voted for Bush. He looked at me as if I had three eyes. We left. His ignorance was not worth our time.

Then, driving home from church on Sunday, a man driving in a car behind our own, perhaps in his mid-thirties, noticed our 'Bush-Cheney' and 'Support our Troops' bumper stickers. He proceeded to pull alongside our vehicle, rolled down his window, and made several obscene gestures and gave us the 'thumbs-down' sign. We, of course, did not dignify his embarassing display with a reply. This enfuriated the hating liberal further. He proceeded to speed up, dangerously cut in front of our car as we were moving down a freeway entrance ramp, and then slowed down to about 5 mph, holding us and about ten cars behind us up as we attempted to enter the freeway. After about 30 seconds of this, he made another obscene gesture, and took off at high speed.

These are the kind of people that could elect Howard Dean, a man who himself declares that he is motivated by 'hatred' of his political opponents, chairman of their party. These are the kind of people that are driving more moderate people out of the Democratic party. And this is why the election of Howard Dean signals many more years, perhaps decades, of electoral defeats for the Democrats.


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