Monday, August 30, 2004

Protesters Cheapen Our Soldiers' Sacrifice

As the Republican convention opens and protesters take the streets, it strikes me how very selfish and myopic these extreme-left wing radicals are. There is a certain disconcerting irony to it, if not hypocrisy, that those protesters themselves either intentionally ignore in order that their consciences might not be troubled, or rather are too unintelligent to grasp. They have a right to march, to protest, they have the freedom to voice their opinions, to lambast our President, to compare him to Adolf Hitler and call him the anti-Christ. They have that right, and yet they are completely and totally unwilling to make any sacrifice to extend that right to others in other societies who do not enjoy it. And they would have us deny others who are less selfish than they to choose such a sacrifice, being uncomfortable with the idea of people who take real action for their beliefs. They prefer to sacrifice nothing but their time and bear no burden but the weight of the ridiculous symbols and signs they carry above their heads. They carry flag-draped mock coffins through New York's streets to protest our casualties in the war, unwilling to recognize their righteous sacrifice, unwilling to acknowledge that those men and women who have died undertook the risk of battle and were willing, on the whole, to die for their nation's security and for the values our nation shares and holds dear. They died believing in freedom, believing that democracy and liberty have the power to tap into the aspirations all humans share, that such such power might transform a troubled part of the world from a cruel, brutish place into a place of opportunity and hope. Those soldiers' noble selflessness stands in stark contrast to the protesters in New York -- protesters who use those honorable soldiers' sacrfices for their selfish purpose, to exaggerate the cost of the war, to confuse the American public, denigrating the inherent goodness of our values by making this war political. The protesters dishonor our fighting men and women by refusing to acknowledge the value of dying for a righteous cause, of fighting intolerance and hatred, of standing up for one's beliefs by pledging one's life and fortune. They praise cowardice, they call for a myopic turning inward, a return to the false confidence and strength that plagued us for eight years under Bill Clinton. But evil is real, whether they like it or not, and it must be fought, we must praise those of us who choose to stand up and fight it, and celebrate the glory of those who give their lives defending us from it.


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