Monday, August 30, 2004

McCain: We Must Love Our Freedom

John McCain hit it out of the park, capturing precisely why this election is so crucial -- we understand, as McCain said, that "what our enemies seek to destroy is beyond their reach, it cannot be taken from us, it can only be surrendurred. ... We have to love [our freedom] as much as the heroic Americans who defend us at the risk of the cost of their lives." I remember standing five blocks from the United States Capitol on September 11, looking up at the sky filled with smoke, knowing that the Pentagon, less than a quarter mile from my apartment in Virginia, had been savagely attacked. I remember thinking that everything had changed, that the complacency and happy ignorance of our lives up to that point was gone forever. I remember praying for our country and for our President. But that smoke lingering in the air for days over the Potomac cleared, and the Pentagon is now fully repaired. We will win this fight unless we forget that day, unless we forget that there never was, in the words of John McCain, a choice "between a benign status quo and the bloodshed of war." As long as we remember the absolute goodness of our cause and the reality of those who hate us for it, we will win this fight. We will win it because our cause now is the same cause that has motivated our nation since its inception, the same cause that has lead us to victory so many times before: liberty and justice for all -- for Americans, and now for Iraqis and Afghanis as well.


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