Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Appeasement and Evil

The nausea-inducing Ted Rall recently posted on his weblog regarding the recent beheadings in the Middle East:

Obviously the murderers are first and foremost to blame. But a share of the responsibility also lies at the feet of those who have made America so despised throughout the world: presidents, policymakers and spooks past and present. They made "American" a dirty word. They made Americans targets.

Mr. Rall obviously hates America and what it stands for. The presidents and policymakers he speaks of acted in the interests of America and in the interests of those values America stands for. They are the presidents that defended freedom and democracy in World War II, that fought off the godless menace of communism, and that most recently liberated a people from the grip of a ruthless, murderous dictator. If that makes "American" a dirty word and makes us targets, it is not because what we have done and what we defend is wrong or blameworthy. No, it is because the people that target us and believe that we and our values are 'dirty' have evil in their souls. They target us because we wish to make men free, because we fight for what we believe in, and because we threaten their fanatical dreams of domination and oppression. Given that those who target us are so evil, in a way we should rejoice that they target us (even as we lament that evil men exist), for it proves our own goodness. If evil men were to befriend us, we should worry for our own souls.

Ted Rall goes on to blame President Bush:

As we consider these gruesome murders, we should consider them on par with the gruesome murders of 800+ American servicemen and women and close to 100,000 Iraqi and Afghan civilians and soldiers killed during Bush's two wars. Bush's hands are dripping with their blood, just as surely as the men who drew the knives across Berg and Johnson's throats.

Again, Rall demonstrates his inability to distinguish between good and evil. When soldiers sacrifice their lives for the good of their comrades and a foreign people with whom they have no ties, their acts of selflessness ought to receive our highest praise. Instead, Rall forgets the worthy motives of the soldiers and the end of national security, and writes as if the President, motivated by nothing but hatred, killed our own men himself. That he can equate President Bush, one in that line of Presidents standing up for our core beliefs and fighting to protect our homeland and ways of living, with Islamist terrorists thirsty for the blood of the infidel and motivated by nothing but murderous religious zeal makes plain Mr. Rall's own moral depravity. His words are an affront to all those men and women and their families who have sacrificed so much over the last two hundred years for the cause of liberty and democracy.


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